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Our current corporate partners

With many thanks to our corporate partners, who are helping us empower children to create lasting change in Colombia.

“Capital Group is proud to have supported Children Change Colombia since 2004. We’re delighted to support a charity that targets the most serious issues affecting children in Colombia and gives them the opportunity to change their futures for the better. We’ve seen over the years how Children Change Colombia’s work makes long-term changes in children lives and achieves sustainable and scaleable improvements in services for young people at risk.” Martin Diaz, Managing Partner, Capital Group


“Over the years we have seen the substantial difference that Children Change Colombia and their partners have brought about in the lives of children at risk from conflict and poverty. The Ashmore Foundation is proud to partner with Children Change Colombia.” The Ashmore Foundation 


Simon Chamberlain and Succession Group Ltd

We were very sad to hear of the sudden death earlier this year of Simon Chamberlain, CEO of Succession Group Ltd.

Simon had been the driving force in establishing the wonderful partnership between Children Change Colombia and Succession that has been running since 2014.

Simon had a genuine interest in our work and was passionate about ensuring that Succession could give as much support as possible to Children Change Colombia. We know this not only because of what he said, but because of what he did. When we had our Thames Walk in 2016, along with his wife Helen, Simon was there. When we had our Project Talk in February this year, Simon was there. Simon and Succession have been there for children and young people at risk in Colombia since 2014.

Succession continues to be one of Children Change Colombia’s greatest allies. We thank everyone at Succession Group and Succession Giving, and remember Simon with great gratitude for what he set in motion.