Here you can watch our most recent films which we have made to give the children we support the opportunity to talk about the impact of our our projects.

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If I don't like my environment, why not change it?

Young people at our partner organisations Corpolatin and Sí Mujer describe how they have refused to accept feeling unsafe. Instead they are taking what they’ve learnt about their rights to make sure their schools and communities are protective places where they can flourish, free from the threat of violence or exploitation. These are the young people who are creating peace in Colombia!

Children are changing Colombia!

This film, made by the young people at our partner organisation, Tiempo de Juego, gives a powerful insight into their lives as they learn about their rights and transform their way of thinking about themselves, their community and what they can achieve.

Thanks to the young people and staff at Tiempo de Juego and to Six Zero Media ( for making this film.

Hopes for a Changing Colombia
Colombia Cambia: Esperanzas para el futuro

Through the words of children and young people at our partner projects, this film provides a moving illustration of the problems they face and their hopes for Colombia's future.

Thanks to filmmaker Sean Lovell:

Voices from Colombia (part 1 of 2)

Through the voices of children and young people at our partner projects and testimonies from their families, this video provides an overview of four key themes on which we work: Education, Supporting Families, Preparation for Adult Life and Making Communities Safer as well as a moving illustration of why these themes are crucial to making a significant impact on their lives. 

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Voices from Colombia (part 2 of 2)

This is the second part of our film 'Voices from Colombia', about our support for vulnerable children in Colombia.

We would like to thank Gabriel Sánchez ( for making this video.