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How children can change Colombia

Millions of children in Colombia face poverty, violence, inequality and injustice. This must change.

We believe that, with a knowledge of their rights and the confidence to assert them, children can transform their own lives, their communities and Colombia itself.

Children can change their own lives

Our 28 years of experience working with children at risk have taught us that, when surrounded by supportive adults, children are capable of gaining the skills and the confidence to change their own lives. We have also learned that when children are able to speak up for their own rights, this is a powerful way to ensure that their rights are protected in a lasting and effective way.

Children can change Colombia

We believe that by helping children and young people to change their own lives, we are giving them the opportunity and the skills they need to play a central role in changing Colombia itself. 

Children can change Colombia at many different levels

Children need adults

Adults have a duty to protect children’s rights. The responsibility for change cannot be left to children. So our partners work with adults – parents, teachers and local officials, among others – to ensure they listen to children and fulfil their obligations to them.

We believe that children and adults have to work together to make changes in children's lives. In order for children to flourish they need to be supported and so it is important that adults learn about their own rights, develop positive goals and gain skills too.

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