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Why change needs children

Colombia needs the talents and experiences of all its children and young people, in particular those who have been excluded because of poverty, inequality and violence, in order to create a truly 'post-conflict' society. They must be listened to, not spoken for. And now is the time to include them in the process.

Although changing the structures and institutions of Colombian society requires intervention at societal and government level, for these changes to succeed they must be relevant and accessible for every community, including the millions of people who have lived with the painful consequences of decades of conflict and extreme inequality.

With 45% of the Colombian population under the age of 25, young people's input is crucial to ensuring that change in Colombia has long-term relevance.

Effective change must be inclusive change.

We work with excluded children, to empower them to participate in the development of their country. To fail to include them would be to waste the full capacity of Colombian society, to miss the opportunity to make a more democratic, more equal society, and to deny these children their right to have their voices heard.

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