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Changing local government services and NGOs

Children can also work with local government and non-government institutions to push for change.

Our new partner Casa Amazonía helped a group of young people lobby for full secondary education to be provided in their region. After working with them on communicating their interest in education and their demand that their right to it be fulfilled, Casa Amazonía arranged for the group to speak first with the local Education Department and later with visiting representatives of the national Ministry for Education. As a direct result of these young people’s activism, education is now provided to Grade 11, as in the rest of Colombia, rather than the previous Grade 9 level.

Over the past year, our partner Tiempo de Juego has been teaching its methodology to other child-focused NGOs, both locally and in other regions of Colombia. Their youth leaders - some of whom started out as participants in the music and arts project that we support - have played a central role in these training sessions, leading activities with the children at the projects to share the skills and confidence they have gained from Tiempo de Juego.