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Changing family, friends and peers

We have seen that as children grow in confidence, they often begin to encourage their friends, family or peers to make changes that can make their homes and their communities better places to live. These small changes add up.

The children who participate in our partner Tiempo de Juego's project have complex family structures with cases of aggression, drug abuse and divorce, among other issues. Tiempo de Juego works with these children to give them the confidence to express their feelings and opinions about the difficulties their familes face and helps them to think about the ways in which they can change these realities and as such become agents of change. The abilities these young people develop through the project are a valuable introduction to the kind of roles that they can play in conflict resolution with their family and friends. 

Say Tiempo de Juego works with 200 children from 150 families, and those children share their new ideas and understanding of their rights with their families, and those families talk to others in their community, then those small changes join together to form the beginning of change in that community.