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National and international advocacy

Children are also taking their demands for change to national government and even to the international arena.

Recently, 17 year old Lina from our partner Si Mujer spoke to the Ministry of Health, encouraging health providers across the country to learn from their example on teaching sexual and reproductive health and rights.

Lina has also represented Colombia at international level. In 2015 she was the youngest participant in a conference held in Nicaragua to discuss the role young people can play in the decriminalisation of abortion in Central America. Given the differences between abortion rights in Central America and Colombia, it was a valuable opportunity for exchange. Lina was able to discuss her ideas in a regional context and took discussion topics back to share with other young people at Si Mujer, enabling them to learn from others and reflect on their own experiences and ideas.

Note: This is a real story. Only the name and photo have been changed for child protection reasons.