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Our finances

How are we funded and what do we spend your money on?

Much of the income we receive is restricted to specific projects but we are also fortunate in that we receive considerable amounts for unrestricted funds.

These funds are essential and enable us to offer support from our Project Officers within Colombia to all our project partners, plus they enable us to research and secure suitable future partnerships. The unrestricted funds also enable us to work on applications for large and small grants from institutions, trusts and foundations.

Please keep the unrestricted donations coming. You are not just paying for office administration.  Your £10 is the start of £1,000 and more.

Below you will see two pie charts which demonstrate our Sources of Income and Expenditure for 2017 and a third which shows the partners supported by our grants. 


The following graph shows the amount we have spent on charitable activities compared to our annual income for the years 2008 - 2017. 'Charitable activities' refers to the work we do to directly and indirectly support children in our projects.