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Become a corporate partner

Your Corporate Social Responsibility programme with Children Change Colombia.

You know the value of effective CSR:

  • It's good for society
  • It's good for your business
  • It's good for your workforce

But how do you allocate your CSR budget in order to minimise the investment of your time and resources and maximise your impact on society? Children Change Colombia has the answer.

Children Change Colombia is an Anglo-Colombian foundation which has worked in Colombia since 1991 in alliance with local organisations to transform the lives of children at risk who are facing poverty, violence or social exclusion. We are the biggest UK NGO working exclusively in Colombia.

The advantages of working with Children Change Colombia

  1. You will reach the children who most need your support. Children Change Colombia will identify for you the children and young people who most need your support, and the issues that it is urgent to work on to promote children's rights and wellbeing.

  2. Your support will go to Colombia's most effective organisations. Children Change Colombia has a well established process for identifying the organisations most able to make an impact on children's lives and most suitable for receiving support.

  3. The impact of your support will be continually monitored. Children Change Colombia will follow up on all the outcomes of your support and and will report fully to you on them.

  4. Multiplier effect. Your support will have a widespread and sustainable impact. Our technical support aims to make our local partners' work more sustainable, and to scale up its impact by getting successful methodologies adopted by others, so that your funds have a multiplier effect.

  5. Your CSR funds will be used transparently and efficiently. Children Change Colombia's financial management and monitoring procedures guarantee transparency in the use of your funds.

  6. You will have clear evidence of the impact of your CSR budget.

  7. Wide recognition of your contribution through all our of our communications channels and networks. We will work closely with your marketing and communications department to ensure effective communication of your CSR and its achievements.

  8. We provide varied opportunities to involve your employees directly in the projects that you support and increase their motivation through fundraising activities.

Thank you for your interest in supporting us!

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