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50 years of brutal conflict in Colombia have denied millions of children their right to safety, education, health and a protective family. 

• 2.5 million child victims •

• 50,000 children killed or disappeared •

• 1/3 young people live in poverty

• 200,000 estimated cases of sexual abuse against children every year •

• Continued recruitment and use of children by illegal armed groups •

This must change.

After more than 50 years of brutal armed conflict, Colombia desperately needs a peace that will allow these children, and all Colombians, to enjoy safety, prosperity and equality in their beautiful country.

Now, while the terms of Colombia's future are still being settled, there has never been a more important time to act! That's why we are working to empower and include the most excluded children.

We are giving them safe places to be right now, teaching them about their rights and helping them build peace in their communities.

These children are adamant that although they were born into war, they will be the generation that inherits peace. And they want to play a role in making that happen!

But they need your help. Please donate to Children Change Colombia today and give change a chance.

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How your donations could help children in Colombia

£3 a month for a year could help an ex-child soldier get his/her life back on track by paying for a year of professional support for their foster family.

£10 a month for a year could provide post-traumatic support to a child victim of violence and empower them to become a promoter of non-violence within their community.

£20 a month for a year could help make a conflict-scarred community safer for children through music and arts training to promote peaceful cooperation. 

 You can help us reach our target!

fundraising ideas for schools, churches, and youth sports teams

A huge thank you to everyone who has helped us raise over £7,000 so far! 

Every small contribution adds up to help children support Colombia’s long journey to real, lasting peace. So please help us reach our target by setting up a regular donation today!

Para ver información sobre la campaña en español, haz clic aquí.

For information about the campaign in Spanish, click here. 




More ways to support the campaign:

  • Download and complete a Direct Debit form (549kb)

  • Call our office on 020 3559 6756 to set up your regular donation

  • Call our office to request campaign flyers to share with family, friends and colleagues, or download the flyer here (7.4mb)

Over the last 25 years, our partners in Colombia have produced many examples of the lasting and effective change that children can achieve. Read some inspiring examples here!