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More ways to donate

The generosity and dedication of our individual donors is crucial to helping children in Colombia to claim their right to live in peace and safety.

Here are some more ways that you can help us to give Colombia’s most at risk children a safe and happy childhood and a fulfilling future.

Children Change Colombia

Matched giving

Ask your employer to match your contribution!

Children Change Colombia


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Can I sponsor a child?

At Children Change Colombia, we do not operate a child sponsorship scheme. We feel that singling out individual children for support can be counterproductive, by making those who haven't been "selected" feel left out and under-valued. Instead our project partners provide support in a more holistic way, by engaging children, their families and their communities.

Did you know?

For every £1 we receive, we spend 84p on our activities to benefit children, and just 16p on fundraising, admin and governance.