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In memory

Many people like to make a donation to a special charity as a way of remembering and honouring a loved one. This might be instead of leaving flowers at a funeral, or on a special anniversary. Making a donation in memory of a special person is a lovely way to celebrate their life, and do something really positive to help the lives of others at the same time.

Donations made in memory may be a very private thing for some people, but others may want to invite more people to remember with them.

  • Make a donation in memory: You can make a one-off donation to us in memory of a loved one online, by cheque or BACS. All the information you need is on our Donate page. It is a very special way to celebrate their life while making a big difference to the lives of Colombia’s most excluded children.
  • Set up a tribute page online: If you would like to invite friends and family to make a donation to Children Change Colombia you can send them a link to your tribute page, or ask them to send you or us a cheque, payable to 'Children Change Colombia'.
  • Organise a collection at a funeral: You might want to ask for donations to Children Change Colombia at the funeral. If people can't donate on the day, they can make a donation in their own time and we will notify you of any further donations.
  • Hold an event in memory: Remember a loved one by organising a fundraising event in their memory. Find out more about organising your own fundraising event here.


Every donation you make goes towards our work to build a better future for children in Colombia.

We will always thank a donation made in memory. If you would like anyone to be notified of your donation then please just let us know.

Thank you for thinking about supporting our work in honour of someone special.