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Matched Giving

Matched Giving means that your company matches (or adds to) your charitable donations.

It's becoming a very common way for companies to support charities and for you to enhance your donations!

Your company might be able to:

  • Match your first donation.
  • Match your donation every month.
  • Match your donation if you donate over a certain amount each year.
  • Donate £1 every time you donate.
  • Match your individual or team fundraising efforts.

If you already donate regularly via Payroll Giving, your HR or Payroll department will know how to set up Matched Giving from the company. All you need to do is ask them whether they would be interested in matching your donations.

If you don't donate via Payroll giving, you can still request Matched Giving.

The Charities Aid Foundation (CAF) makes this very easy for you and for employers. Call them 03000 123 800 between 8.30am and 5.00pm Monday-Friday (except public holidays) or visit their website.

So, if you have not asked your employer to match your wonderful donations to Children Change Colombia, please ask your HR department or your manager what the company policy is and whether they can support us.