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Special occasions

Ask for donations at a party

Some of our thoughtful donors have asked their friends, family and colleagues to donate to Children Change Colombia in lieu of gifts on a special occasion such as their wedding, anniversary, birthday or when leaving a job.

We are truly grateful for our supporters who think about our work and the children we support at a special time for them and their loved ones.

You can either create a page online to mark your occasion or collect the donations and send them on to us. 

Buy our vibrant Colombian jewellery as a gift

It's all fair trade so there's no exploitation or child labour involved in the production, and all the profits go towards our work with children in Colombia.

Have a look at examples of the jewellery here and email or call us to find out what we have in stock right now. You can pay by credit/debit card over the phone or online.

Donate as a gift

If you'd like to make a donation to Children Change Colombia instead of buying someone a present, let us know and we'll send a personal thank you card to your friend. You can also ask people to donate to us instead of giving YOU a gift! Please tell your friends about our work and if you would like us to send you any materials (leaflets etc.) just let us know.

Thank you for supporting us at a special time for you and your friends and family.