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Our Newsletters: 2017

Yes, she can! 

“This work is so important to me,” says Lina, a youth leader from Si Mujer, our partner in Cali. "It’s a step towards ensuring that violence against women is no longer tolerated, that women can make their own decisions about their bodies, and that maternal health is considered a priority. I want to dedicate my life to continuing the fight for gender equality.”

Our partner Si Mujer is teaching children and young people about their sexual and reproductive rights, helping them to protect themselves from gender-based violence and discrimination. The project has been a huge success and as youth leaders, young people like Lina are helping hundreds more to join the fight against gender violence and discrimination.

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A way out of conflict 

Jairo was born into Colombia’s conflict. His mother suffered trauma as a result of her own experience of the conflict and struggled to care for him. With no one else looking out for him, Jairo dropped out of primary school and turned to the only people he thought could give him a purpose – he began running errands for a local armed group.

Then he found our new partner Circulo de Estudios. They helped him realise that he could be appreciated without having to resort to crime. Two years later he’s back in school and he’s known for his work helping younger children at the project, not the armed groups.

Jario's story shows that being born into conflict does not have to define a child’s life - with your support they can begin to build a safe, happy future for themselves.

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