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Previous partners

Children Change Colombia generally signs partnership agreements for a minimum of three years. This helps to provide the financial stability a partner needs to develop their work and plan for the future sustainability of their organisation.

As part of our commitment to building the strength of our partner organisations, we aim to ensure that no organisation becomes entirely dependent on our funding. We expect to reach a point where partners can flourish without continued financial support from Children Change Colombia.

During a partnership our Project Officers build up a close working relationship with our partners, and we often continue to share learning with partners even after the partnership has come to an end.

Previous partnerships

Below is a list of funding partnerships which have come to an end and the projects we funded through each of these partnerships. Where possible, links will take you to our previous partners' websites.

Si Mujer
Improving young people's sexual and reproductive health and rights


Protecting children from violence and abuse

Fundación Carvajal

Improving the quality and permanence of education in Buenaventura

Fundación Renacer

Preventing the commercial sexual exploitation of children in Cartagena

Asociación Mundos Hermanos (also known as La Rayuela)

Supporting children affected by violence, poverty and social exclusion in Colombia's coffee region

Fundación Dar Amor (Fundamor)

Supporting children with HIV or AIDS

Fundación Formación D'Futuros

Helping young care leavers prepare for independent life

Fundación para la Habilitación y Rehabilitación Basada en la Comunidad (HRBC)

Improving educational and social inclusion for children with disabilities

Fundación Paz y Bien

Providing alternatives to poverty and gang membership

Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes (ACJ - the YMCA in Colombia)

Educational model for working children


Supporting abused child mothers

Fundación Colombo-Británica

Protecting young children from impoverished backgrounds

Fundación Formemos

Education and training for vulnerable rural and displaced children

Fundación Restrepo Barco

Mine Risk Education (MRE) - Protecting children from the risk of landmines

Fundación Niños de los Andes – Manizales

Residential care for ex street and working children 

Fundación Niños de los Andes – Subachoque

Residential care for ex street children


Organic farm, vocational training and school for children affected by war


Peace-building communities for children under 8 and their mothers 


Post-displacement reintegration for youth

CINDE – University of Manizales 

Peace-building and conflict resolutions skills for children in schools and residential care homes 

Circo Para Todos

Vocational training in circus arts and employment support for disadvantaged children

Fe & Alegría

Cultural and vocational training for youth at risk of recruitment into gangs

Futuro Mujer

Vocational training and work experiences for girls in residential care

Maria Goretti

Residential care, educational and vocational training for girls who have experienced abuse


Breakfast and lunch dining rooms for school-aged children

PAC - Patrulla Aérea Civil de Colombia

Medical care to remote areas

Ponte En Mi Lugar 

Small family–run residential home and day time classes for street children

Villanueva School

Construction of school on Caribbean coast where no other school existed