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Beating targets and inspiring young change-makers!

We’re delighted to share some impressive news from our partner Si Mujer.

You might already know that since 2015, we’ve been supporting Si Mujer to run a child-friendly sexual healthcare service in the city of Cali. This service provides medical and psycological consultations, as well as training in sexual and reproductive health and rights for young people who are interested in teaching other children in the city about the topic.

Already this year, Si Mujer have almost exceeded one of their annual targets by training 72 young people! These young people have helped Si Mujer to run activities with local schools, NGOs and community groups, teaching over 400 children about topics ranging from gender identity and sexuality, to preventing teen pregnancy, to recognising and reporting domestic abuse.

The success of this outreach work has meant that many more children, young people, teachers and local healthcare providers are aware of Si Mujer’s service. As a result, Si Mujer has seen a very high demand for their medical and psycological consultations. They have provided more than expected during the first half of this year, and more contraceptive consulatations than planned for the whole of 2017 – a total of over 1,800 appointments! These consultations have covered a variety of issues, including advice on contraception, STIs, access to legal abortions, and psycological support to deal with the trauma of experiencing sexual and gender-based violence. Children as young as 3 years old have been provided psycological and medical care through the service, although the majority of users are adolescents and young people up to age 22.

These figures make it clear that there is a huge demand for Si Mujer’s work in Cali, and so we are extremely grateful to all of you who continue to make it possible through your donations to Children Change Colombia! Special thanks go to the Big Lottery Fund who awarded us a 3-year grant to make this project possible.

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