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CCC wins 2017 Charity Impact Award!

We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded BuyOneGiveOne’s 2017 Charity Impact Award for Human Rights and Capacity Building.

The Charity Impact Awards recognise high impact charity organisations from across the world that use an inspiring, well-defined and unique approach to tackle social issues. The panel of three judges, leaders in the fields of international development, business and social enterprise, assess applicants organisational strategy, the impact of their work on beneficiaries and their communication with supporters.

We are extremely happy to receive this recognition of the hard work of everyone here at Children Change Colombia and more importantly that of our partners! We are proud to work with experienced and specialised partner organisations in Colombia, who are committed to protecting and promoting children’s rights. Through these partnerships, we help children and adults to develop their skills, confidence and knowledge of children’s rights so that they can help make their communities safer places for children and more resilient to the threats of poverty, injustice and violence.

The award recognises the uniqueness of our work, based on our commitment to tackling the most neglected issues facing children and young people in Colombia. These are issues that pose a serious threat to children’s rights and well-being, but on which not enough work is being done by others. You can read about the neglected issues we are currently working on here.

The award also recognises the work we do with our partners to help them build and develop relationships with local and national government institutions, with the aim of influencing improvements in policies and practices related to children’s rights - just one of the ways in which we are working to ensure long-term change for children in Colombia.

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to our partners and of course, the children and young people we work with, as without you we would not have won this award.

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