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The Everett family & Colby Primary School support Children Change Colombia!

Starting on Monday 9th October, the Everett family took on a new challenge to raise money for Children Change Colombia. Brae (age 10), Oren (age 12), Hannah and James gave up sugar for 30 days, and they were joined by members of staff Colby primary school. They cut out all processed sugar, so as well as saying no to sweets, biscuits and cakes, they had to avoid all other things with added sugar. They were surprised to find out just how many everyday food items have sugar in: bread, most breakfast cereal, mayonnaise, ketchup, salad dressing, mustard, ready-made pasta sauces, curry, tomato soup, baked beans, most crisps and crackers, ham...the list goes on and on!

The biggest challenge by far was the sugar-free Halloween! Luckily, the boys were encouraged by all the sponsorship and support from family and friends. This gave them the determination they needed to complete the challenge on Wednesday 8th November. Staff and pupils at Colby School helped them celebrate the end of the challenge by selling cakes and other treats to raise even more money! They are thrilled to have raised over £1,200!

Colby School has actively supported Children Change Colombia over the past 2 years. They organized a Colombia Fundraising Day in 2016 and they run a popular Colombia After School Club every year. They also regularly include Colombian topics in their curriculum and the pupils have become passionate supporters of the charity.

Some thoughts from Oren and Brae:

“The Children Change Colombia charity is really important to us. When we lived in Colombia for 3 months last year we were lucky enough to see first hand the amazing work that they do helping children in Colombia.” Oren

“It was quite hard sometimes. On day two of the challenge, we made a delicious birthday cake for our grandma but we couldn’t eat a crumb! I was amazed by all the people who sponsored us. It made me feel proud.” Brae

“One of the hardest bits for me was when I went on a birthday sleepover and all my friends had a huge midnight feast. My mum had bought me a packet of sugar-free sweets but I didn’t even eat them as it felt like cheating!” Oren

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