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Thank you for attending our Project Talk

We would like to extend a big thank you to all our supporters who came to our Project Talk event. For those of you who missed it, we are delighted to share the two films we showcased at the event. Made by children from our partner’s projects, these films explore the real and urgent threats to the safety of thousands of children and young people in two very different but equally remote and neglected communities, which are both on the front line of the peace building process in Colombia.

The first film, made by our partner Casa Amazonia in Putumayo in south-western Colombia, gives a touching insight into the lives of two children. The remote rural community in which they live was for years under the influence of the FARC guerrilla, neglected and discriminated against, and is now struggling with the presence of other armed groups, ex-FARC members and the ubiquitous drugs trade.

In the second film, children from our partner Fundescodes in the major port city of Buenaventura highlight the insecurity and poverty in their neighbourhoods. They explain how Fundescodes is helping them to challenge the state of neglect and powerlessness in which their communities have lived for many years, by demanding the protection of their rights by the local authorities.

Look out for a full review of the evening’s discussion in our Spring newsletter – coming soon!


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