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Work for Colombia month

This May donate one day's earnings to Children Change Colombia and help make Colombia a safe, peaceful place for everyone!

Take part in our Work for Colombia month by choosing one day when you donate your skills in exchange for donations to Children Change Colombia or donate a fraction of your working day’s salary to us.

- If you are a freelancer you can choose a day in October when you donate all or part of the money you usually charge for your service.
- If you are an employee receiving a monthly salary, calculate how much your daily earnings are and donate all or part of them.

At the end of the month, we will be holding a raffle and giving a special prize to one lucky winner! To participate in the raffle, let us know how you will be taking part in the Work for Colombia month and what your occupation is by emailing us at or calling us on 020 3559 6756.

Get inspired!
Read our blog post about how our promoter Luisa Maria Fulcher has been giving spanish lessons in exchange for donations in support of our work here!

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