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"We encourage you to get to know CCC’s work – it represents a light at the end of the tunnel for many people!”

Last month, three of our promoters in Colombia visited our project with partner Asociación Cristiana de Jóvenes (ACJ) in Bogotá. The project aims to prevent the commercial sexual exploitation of children and young people (CSEC).

We have been working with ACJ since 2016 to reduce children’s risks of abuse. At their centre Hogar AmaneSer (Sunrise Home), located in Bogotá’s ‘tolerance zone’ for sex work, ACJ teaches at risk children and young people from the local area about the different forms that CSEC can take and what to do if they feel threatened by it. The children also learn that CSEC is not normal but a violation of their rights, and that they are not to blame if they experience it.

Young adults who are already involved in sex work or sexual exploitation also participate in activities to help them gain the confidence to escape it, find other ways to earn money, and where necessary to care for their own children.

Our promoters Sean, Paula and Adam arrived nice and early on Saturday morning to Hogar AmaneSer to begin their visit. During the day, they spoke to project staff about the programmes they run with children and their families and how, together with Children Change Colombia, they have been able to increase their reach and work to prevent CSEC in the ‘tolerance zone’, which is one of the areas with the highest levels of CSEC in Bogotá.

Our promoters got to see what it’s like for the children at the project, and spent the day listening to their stories, getting to know them and playing games together. Sean, Paula and Adam also participated in workshops with young women, who spoke openly about their experience at the project and how it has helped them make positive changes both in their lives and in their families.

It was a special day, where our promoters had the rare opportunity to meet the children we work with and see why their support is so necessary. They put faces to the names of the children and saw how, with our help, these young people are changing their lives for the better.

Paula and Sean said this about their visit:
"Children Change Colombia gave us the opportunity to get to know the amazing team at ACJ and we saw how much of a positive influence the staff and the project itself have on the women and children. Everyone deserves happiness and the opportunity to change their lives and it is important for those of us who can, to support them. We encourage you to explore and get to know CCC’s work – it represents a light at the end of the tunnel for many people!”

A big thank you to our promoters!

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