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Colombian Film Evening

Children of the Andes would like to invite you to visit our stall at Riverside Studios on Sunday, 13th February 2011.

Riverside Studios will screen two thought-provoking documentaries that give an insight into some of the complex issues affecting the country.

7:00 pm My Father, Pablo Escobar

Duration:  91 minutes: Watch Trailer

This documentary tells the inside story of the life, death and legacy of drug lord Pablo Escobar as seen through the eyes of his only son and the sons of his most prominent victims.

To some Pablo Escobar was a ruthless criminal. To others, he was a noble saint, but to Sebastian Marroquín, he was one thing above all others: a father. ‘My father Pablo Escobar' takes you inside the world of the most notorious drug trafficker of the modern era, from a new perspective: the voice of his only son. For the first time, Sebastian Marroquín (formally Juan Pablo Escobar) invites the world deep into the house of Escobar through photographs, recordings and intimate memories.

Along the way, Sebastian reaches out to the sons of his father's most prominent murder victims, Colombian politicians and anti-drug trade crusaders Luis Carlos Galan and Rodrigo Lara Bonilla. He attempts to close wounds that extend beyond three families, and across the history of the home they all once shared - Colombia. In agreeing to appear in the film, Marroquín and his mother, Maria Victoria, break more than a decade of silence after living in virtual exile in Argentina, where Marroquín now works as a licensed architect. It is the first time either has spoken about life with Escobar since he was gunned down in 1993. The result is a startlingly intimate portrait of years in the Escobar family and a front- row of Marroquín's reconciliation efforts toward the men whom his father orphaned 20 years ago.

9:00 pm My Kidnapper 

Duration: 83 minutes: Watch Trailer

In 2003 Mark Henderson was one of eight backpackers taken hostage whilst trekking in the Colombian jungle.  What had started as an innocent tourist adventure, ended up as 101 terrifying days of captivity and uncertainty about his future.  Eleven months after his release Mark received an email from Antonio, one of his kidnappers, and one of the other hostages received a facebook friend request from Antonio's girlfriend, another of their captors.  That email was the start of a five-year correspondence between hostage and kidnapper that eventually drew Mark back to the one part of the world he thought he'd never see again and face to face with the man who had once held the key to his freedom.

My Kidnapper is an emotional journey into a kidnapping, told from all sides.  This deeply personal, authored documentary follows Mark and three of his fellow hostages as they return to the Sierra Nevada mountains in northern Colombia, the place where they lived out their worst nightmares.  As they travel deeper into the jungle, they discover the truth behind what happened to them, come to understand how they all dealt with the ordeal and finally confront two of their kidnappers.

The documentary screening will be followed by a Q&A session with Mark Henderson.

Tickets will be sold online through Riverside Studios' Website (

COTA believes that with help, young people can play a part in ending the cycle of poverty and violence in Colombia and help build a more peaceful and stable environment for the generations to come.

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