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“Escaping drug gang violence” : A BBC Minute production featuring CCC

Our work with young people at risk of recruitment by armed goups has been featured by BBC World Service.

A team from the BBC visited our partner Fundación CRAN to learn about their work in communities across Colombia with a high presence of gangs and armed groups.

As part of our project with CRAN, we are supporting them to train local community organisations in their holistic approach to protecting children and young people from recruitment or re-recruitment. This involves activities to build the confidence, life skills and aspirations of the young people themselves, as well as engaging their families and key actors in the local community (teachers, potential employers, public officials) in supporting the young people to make these changes and enjoy a fulfilling, socially integrated life.

The BBC short film was made in a neighbourhood on the outskirts of Bogota.

Before you watch it, here are a few behind-the-camera photos to set the scene.



Watch here: "Escaping drug gang violence in Colombia" by BBC World Service

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