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Dancing in the street

“I’m learning skills that will help me for the rest of my life,” enthuses 13-year-old Alicia from Quibdó. “The project has kept me and my friends away from violence and helped us discover our talents.

“Horrible things used to happen at home that made me cry and made me angry. I didn’t know what to do so I used to self-harm - it was the only thing that calmed me down. Now I’ve left that all behind and express myself through dancing and singing! It’s taught me to respect my body and share my emotions instead of bottling them up. Dancing inspires me and makes me happy!

“People have a negative image of our neighbourhood. They’re scared to come here because they think we are all bad people and drug addicts. It is true that life here is tough – some boys from my street have joined gangs and many girls my age are pregnant. Their parents are hardly ever around to pay them attention.

                We’ve helped people in the city to see a different side to 
                                                our neighbourhood

“As part of the project, we’ve put on plays and dance performances which have helped people in the city to see a different side to our neighbourhood. They’ve seen that people here work hard, have talent and a desire to do something positive with their lives. Children in my class used to say rude things to me about where I am from, but since watching me perform in public they see me differently. I have more friends now and they want me to teach them what I’ve learnt.”

With your support, more children like Alicia will have the chance to develop life-changing artistic skills and stay safe from the violence that surrounds them.

When young people like Alicia are safe and inspired they can begin to confront the risks and challenge the inequalities that make their neighbourhoods such hard places to grow up.

Will you help them?


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