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The impact of your support

Last year we worked with 2,066 children and young people. As a result of this work, we also indirectly impacted the lives of a further 1,856 children – siblings, peers and neighbours of the children who participated in our project activities.

We also worked with adults - parents, teachers, policy makers – to encourage and help them to keep children safe now and in the long-term. 1,162 adults participated in our project activities or attended forums, performances and campaigns led by children from our projects. A further 940 adults benefited indirectly from our work.

That's over 6,000 people better able to protect their own or others’ rights!

Insight into the numbers

These 2018 figures are in comparison to 6,000 children and 1,941 adults in 2017, an anticipated reduction because of a change in the projects we funded. In 2017 two of our partner projects came to a successful conclusion. They both incorporated large awareness-raising events and campaigns and therefore reached a large number of people.

Working with fewer children has real benefits – we aim to offer intensive, personalised, holistic support to children, families and community members to help them internalise what they learn through the project and use this to protect themselves and other children in the long-term. This kind of support can mean working with fewer young people.

Protecting children's rights

In 2018 we protected the rights of:

Raising awareness and improving practice

In 2018 our 7 partners:

  • shared their experience of good practice with 90 organisations working in the field of children's rights across Colombia.
  • helped at least 8 other organisations to improve their practice.

Thank you for making this work possible through your generous support!

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