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Letter from the Executive Director

Dear Friends, 

I hope you were moved by Alicia’s story (read in full here). It’s very tempting to see Alicia’s problems as all having been solved by dance. Of course, it isn’t that simple.

Many of the things that make Alicia’s childhood so difficult – poverty, poor schools, unsafe streets – are beyond her powers to fix on her own, and certainly not with a song and dance routine.

And yet, as she so brilliantly describes, learning to dance and perform with others has kept her safe and given her a self-confidence that leads to so many other things.

Part of the problem that children face in neighbourhoods like hers is that they are dismissed or ignored by powerful adults, be they in their families, their schools or in the corridors of power. But articulate and inspired young people like Alicia can’t be ignored for long.

That’s why we want you to help us inspire more young people through our new Colombia-wide theatre project, Theatre for a Change.  It will help children all over Colombia stay safe. It will also provide them with a way of communicating directly and powerfully with adults who have the power to make their communities safer places to grow up.

You have helped children like Alicia believe they can change their world. As I said in my last letter, this is not only because of the money that you give. It is also because when young people in Quibdó hear that 150 of you turned up to our Thames Walk to support them (see p.6 of our newsletter), or that hundreds of you read our newsletters, it gives them strength and makes them realise that they are not alone.

Please keep up this fantastic support. It makes so many good things possible – many more than we are able to describe in these pages.

Many thanks 

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