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Alastair and Patricia Sturgis - Events Volunteers

Meet our Star Supporter duo, Alastair and Patricia Sturgis. Alastair and Patricia have been supporting us for over 9 years and have become a key part of the CCC family! Every year they lead a group of walkers at our Thames Walk - which wouldn't be the same without them!

"Being a Colombian/British couple we wanted to find a charity with links to Colombia to support.

It was in the early 2000’s that we came across Children Change Colombia (known then as Children of the Andes) at an event at work.

This seemed the ideal charity to support as its purpose was, and still is, to help disadvantaged children, these are the people that will change the country in the future. So we put our names down to receive the Newsletter and regular updates.

A couple years later we took part in our first Thames Walk. It was not the best weather, but having managed to persuade friends, family and work colleagues to sponsor us, it did not feel too bad being a little cold and wet as we knew we were raising funds for a good cause. Since that first walk we have done it ever since and also encouraged friends and family to take part as well.

When the call went out for volunteers to be stewards for the walk, as numbers taking part had increased, we were happy to help. It has now been nine years since we started leading one of the groups round the route. This is a great way to support and promote CCC each year raising money and at the same time meeting some fantastic people on the way.

One of the things that we feel is most positive about the charity is that at each event it feels like a family reunion where one can catch up with the latest projects that the charity is working on as well as meeting friends and of course having a good time.  We would encourage everyone to become a promoter and help this great charity."

Alastair and Patricia have been Children Change Colombia Promoters for a long time, volunteering, rain or shine, at our events. They are always spreading the word about what we do with family and friends with an enthusiasm and energy that just keeps growing. We are so grateful to them both for their support as the CCC community wouldn't be the same without them - so thank you Alastair and Patricia!

Would you like to support us a volunteer, either donating your time or even lending a skill to help? Think Then why not get in touch with Grace at and maybe you could be our next Star Supporter!

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