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Help Colombia Covid-19

Who are we?

We are a UK based charity that supports projects for children in Colombia. We work with our partners to protect children from sexual exploitation, gender-based violence and forced recruitment.


The current situation in Colombia

Unfortunately, in Colombia many problems have worsened during the Coronavirus crisis, among them hunger and the needs of the most vulnerable populations. During this international emergency, the children we support are more at risk than ever. All of the children and young people our partners work with come from economically precarious families who rely on informal employment to survive, with little to no savings and living each day hand to mouth. During the lockdown they cannot go to work and receive their daily income, which has made covering the rent, food and toiletries extremely difficult.


What are we doing with our partners during the Covid-19 emergency?

We are working with our partners on the ground so they can support affected communities of children and their families and address the needs of the most neglected groups, who are facing food insecurity and evictions. 

Our campaign has three aims: 

  • Provide emergency food and toiletries.
  • Provide housing subsidies to keep a roof over the heads of families who are facing evictions.
  • Provide a remote support network using online and telephone based methodologies so that the children do not lose contact with their support workers and can continue to receive psycho-social support, keeping them safe during the lockdown. This is now more important than ever, as the risks the children face are likely to increase as a result of the pandemic.



Our partners are continuing to provide psycho-social support

Our partners are providing a remote support network for the children we work to protect from forced displacement, sexual exploitation or recruitment into armed groups. 

They are using available communication channels (telephone calls, instant messaging services and social networks) to keep in touch with the children and young people that participate in their projects and help them stay as safe as possible. This includes psycho-social support and ongoing evaluation of their physical and mental wellbeing and of their family’s situation with daily phone call check ups.

Many of our partners have designed home-based learning activities to enable the children and young people to continue develop an understanding of the risks they face and actions they can take to protect themselves from these. This is now even more important than ever, as the risks the children face are likely to increase as a result of the pandemic. 




COVID-19 in Colombia 

Unfortunately, in Colombia many problems have worsened during the coronavirus crisis, among them hunger and the needs of the most vulnerable populations. As a result of this, last week inhabitants of neighbourhoods in Bogota such as Ciudad Bolivar, San Cristobal and Rafael Uribe Uribe carried out a strike demanding that local authorities and the national government deliver the food aid which they had promised. Many of these families say they are informal workers and that they have no way to feed their loved ones. Similar protests are taking place across Colombia’s main cities. At the beginning of this week, the president extended the lockdown until 11th May. 


 María's story

María is a 27-year-old woman who's lived in the Santa Fe neighborhood of Bogotá for the last 15 years. She has 5 children aged between 4 and 13 years old. In addition to raising and caring for her children, she is also responsible for supporting them financially, which she does through street vending.

Due to the measures taken by the national government as a result of the Covid-19 health emergency, María has been forced to suspend street sales, which has had a significant economic and emotional impact on her family, leaving them unable to afford daily necessities such as food and toiletries. They also live in constant fear of being evicted.

Our partner in Bogotá, ACJ, is providing them with financial support so they can pay the rent and also giving them food & toiletry packages with basic necessities.

With your donation CCC will be able to help ACJ support many more families in crisis like María and her children.




 Read a message from our director, Ángela, here


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