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What would you give to the world this Christmas?


We asked the children we support what they would give to the world this Christmas. Their answers reflected the things they have missed this year, but also their dreams of peace and equality for Colombia and for the world.


Here are some of their responses:

Valentina, 13 years old

“I would give every child a family so they can have a good life, go to school and eat well. I’d also give them love so that there’s no more discrimination and every child has the right to achieve their dreams.”

Maria, 10 years old

“I hope that Covid ends so we can see our family and friends, go to the park, buy ice cream, and go back to school where I can use the library and computers.”

Nahomi, 13 years old

“I would give jobs to the people in my neighbourhood so families don’t have to live in houses with mice or worry about money everyday. I’d also give peace to the world so there’s no war. “






This year has been especially tough for these children who were already living in a world filled with risk and uncertainty. The children and their families spent 5 months under a strict lockdown, which has brought with it many problems including food shortages, evictions and difficulties with accessing education, in a country where 63% of school students do not have access to the internet. With your help, we have been able to continue supporting our partners and communities in Colombia during this challenging year and are preparing for the year ahead.




Give these children the gift of a lifetime, the chance to transform their futures




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