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Keeping Children Safe - We are now members!

In everything we do at Children Change Colombia, our highest priority is the safety and protection of the children we work with. 

Most of the children we work with have experienced poverty, conflict, violence and sexual abuse, which puts them at increased risk of exploitation and abuse. It is our responsibility to ensure that we uphold our duty of care to children in all areas of our work, from our fundraising efforts in the UK to project implementation in Colombia. To do so, we must integrate safeguarding standards into everything we do, ensure our partners in Colombia have a firm understanding of the standards they are expected to uphold, and put clear processes in place to deal with concerns and complaints. 

That’s why we’re delighted to announce that we are now a member of the Keeping Children Safe International Safeguarding Network. 

Keeping Children Safe is a global network working to uphold the highest possible standards of child safeguarding in organisations across the world. Established after the exposure of widespread sexual exploitation by humanitarian aid agencies of children in refugee camps in Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone, KCS recognises that abuse to children can and does take place by organisations that profess to be helping them. Keeping Children Safe strives to identify and share safeguarding best practice, provide up-to-date training to organisation staff, and create a network of organisations that can advocate for strengthened child safeguarding measures around the world. 

If you want to read more about Children Change Colombia’s safeguarding policies, visit here

If you would like to raise a safeguarding concern, or simply wish to gain further insight into how our safeguarding policies are implemented, please contact our dedicated Safeguarding Team at  

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