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Meet One of Our Youth Leaders


"I got out of that situation and it changed my life. My life took an extraordinary turn"


Meet Sandra...

 In 2017, while being held in the juvenile detention system as a young offender, Sandra became involved in ‘Cambio de Juego’, a CCC project in partnership with Fundación Tiempo de Juego. 

The project pushed her out of her comfort zone and helped her to build a positive future, giving her the opportunity to study and find secure employment.   

She now works as a youth leader with Tiempo de Juego, inspiring girls like her to realise their potential and transform their lives. 

But did you know that there are still around 4000 adolescents in penal detention facilities in Colombia, and thousands more are detained in secure children’s homes? The vast majority of these children come from marginalised neighbourhoods in Colombia’s large cities. 

That's why we work with our partner Fundacíon Tiempo de Juego to support young people who are living in these facilities. Many young people who come to the facilities have experienced abusive relationships, substance addiction, and homelessness, and become involved in gangs and petty crime as a way to make ends meet. 

‘Cambio de Juego’ helps young people to break the cycle of violence and crime in their communities. The project offers intensive psycho-social support to help young people heal from the trauma they have experienced in the past and support them in making positive and informed decisions about their futures. It trains young leaders like Sandra in assertiveness, confidence and communication so that one day they can support young people like themselves in navigating this complex and difficult situation. 


Give more young people in Colombia the second chance that changed Sandra's life.


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