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Webinar: How to create your career networking opportunities

About the webinar

In the framework of our 30th anniversary, Children Change Colombia is pleased to invite you to the online webinar "How to Create Your Career Networking Opportunities" .

This event is jointly hosted with the Anglo-Colombian Society ( and the Cambridge University Colombian Society (CUCOL).

Join our guest speaker Betty Encinales- an award-winning entrepreneur, Women in Fintech Power list recruiter and TEDx presenter on Thursday 14th October at 6:30pm via Zoom.

The relationships you build or fail to build, follow you throughout your career. Your professional contacts can be incredible advocates for you; they can give you access to new opportunities, provide a wealth of information and help you get where you want to be. Without a strong network on your side, career progress is likely to be much slower and harder.

In this session, you will learn:

  • What a powerful professional relationship actually is (and what it is NOT)
  • How to create authentic relationships that go beyond surface-level acquaintanceships
  • Non-traditional ways of expanding your network (without attending “networking” events)


Tickets are a £5 donation to our work and can be purchased HERE



About the speaker

Betty Encinales is an International Business graduate from Greenwich University and Schiller International University, and a student of Business and Management at the London School of Economics. Having previously worked in the recruitment world, founding her own firm Becruit Ltd. She has worked with industry leaders such as UBS, Fintipay, Monzo, HSBC, Thomson Financial, Capital Economics. She has also launched her most recent enterprise Happy Work Hub in 2021.

Betty has won numerous accolades for her work. The Global Women magazine recognized her as a Female Entrepreneur for two years running, and in 2015, she was also named as one of the top 100 women leaders in Colombia by Revista Gerente, to name just a few, and has given many talks, most notably a TEDx talk at SOAS University in 2018.

Betty is also interested in the potential for business to have a positive social impact. She accepted a role as Start-Up Mentor at SEEDSTARS, an international investment and education company supporting entrepreneurs to grow their businesses toward meaningful, lasting change. Betty has supported Children Change Colombia for many years.

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